St Wilfrid's Catholic Primary School Ripon

Summer Term 2024

Spring Term 2024

For World Book Day this year, the theme was to come as a word. The children had some great ideas and this was reflected in their outfits. Can you work out which words were represented by their outfits? Mrs Hakes came as 'fragile' and the children were initially concerned that she had suffered a serious accident when they saw her wrapped in bandages! :-) 
In PE this term we have enjoyed creating some dance routines inspired by the Wonka film soundtrack. The children were very creative with their ideas and they worked effectively in groups to create a class dance, great teamwork Class 3! 
As part of our PSHE topic about Keeping Safe, we visited Ripon Fire Station. The firefighters explained the important role they have in keeping people safe and they demonstrated how the fire engine itself has special equipment on it to help them in different situations, such as rescuing people from house fires or traffic incidents. The children then had the opportunity to try the hoses for themselves and we just about avoided getting wet!  
To conclude our history topic about the Great Fire of London, we took a trip back to 1666 and created our version of Pudding Lane! The children used acting to demonstrate how quickly the fire would have spread. Then they designed and made their own Tudor style houses, before adding them to a model of London, which was then set alight! It provided the children with an authentic experience of the sights and smells of London during the great fire and how quickly the fire would have spread through the city. 

Autumn Term 2023

As part of our Advent activities, parents were invited into school to make a Christingle with the children. There was some great teamwork and the Christingles looked beautiful. Well done everyone! 


Class 3 enjoyed their Christmas Party Day. They all looked very festive in their party clothes and a great time was had by everybody, including the teachers who took part in the Conga and a whole class performance of the Macarena! 
Class 3 brought some festive cheer to Lister House Care Home during the last week of term. Mrs Kitching led the children in singing a variety of traditional and modern Christmas carols and the residents clearly enjoyed listening to the performance. Well done Class 3! 
Class 3 enjoyed Forest School again this term. They explored team building and problem solving, aswell as den building and construction using natural and recycled materials. 
To conclude our Victorian topic we visited Ripon Workhouse Museum. The pupils had the opportunity to experience life as a Victorian, through daily activities such as doing the laundry, making bread, playing games, rag rugging and attending a Victorian school room. Mr Grimweather was definitely a very strict teacher! 
We had a Wellbeing Day, in which we focused on the 'Five Steps to Wellbeing' (Connect, Keep Learning, Take Notice, Be Active & Give). We began the day by bringing in donations to GIVE to a local foodbank. We then completed a variety of activities linked to wellbeing and one of these activities involved the pupils CONNECTING to people in their class by sending a positive postcard to someone. The pupils had to create a picture about happiness and then they added a personalised message. Here are some of the pictures that they created and they definitely made us smile. 

Summer Term 2023

In RE, we have been learning about Pentecost. We listened to the story about how the disciples received the Holy Spirit and we also looked at the symbols linked to Pentecost, including a dove, wind and flames. The children then presented their interpretation of events through a painting, producing some very powerful artwork. 
In Science, the children have been learning about different species of flowers and trees. They combined their art skills and science knowledge to paint and identify different types of flowers, that could be found within the local area. You have created a beautiful garden, well done Class 3!
Year three have been learning how to tell the time in maths. Each day, two children have been chosen to wear watches throughout the day and be the 'time team.' They have been working hard to tell the time to the nearest minute using analogue and digital time, aswell as learning about am and pm. Well done year 3!

At the end of the Spring Term, the children had the opportunity to take part in a 'Box to be Fit' workshop. They were able to complete a variety of fitness activities in which they were able to try out the boxing gloves and pads, complete a boxing themed shuttle run and other boxing themed activities around fitness and stamina. 
To raise money for Comic Relief we had a Crazy Hair Day! The children had some amazing hair styles with some very original designs. A fun day and all for a very worthwhile cause. 
To conclude this half term, we took part in Children's Mental Health Week. We completed lots of different activities linked to the Five Steps of Mental Wellbeing (Connecting, Being Active, Learning New Skills, Taking Notice and Giving). As part of keeping active we enjoyed trying out the new skipping ropes and the children had great fun counting their skips! We also took part in a 'Draw with Rob' lesson where we all learnt how to draw Ringo the dog. It was great to learn together and we were very happy with the finished artwork. 
In Computing, the children have been exploring ways in which data can be collected and presented using ICT. They enjoyed collecting data about favourite pets, colours and minibeasts and they were able to create pictograms, bar charts and line graphs.