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Reading at St Wilfrid’s Catholic Primary School

Reading is celebrated at St Wilfrid’s and is promoted as an enjoyable activity as well as a vital life skill. At St. Wilfrid’s we want our children to develop a positive attitude towards reading and become lifelong readers. At our school, children will develop phonological understanding to help them read accurately and, as they develop through school will be supported to read with increasing fluency, accuracy and understanding. Staff encourage children to be active readers and ensure that they are exposed to a wide selection of texts including: fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Children are encouraged to use their reading to support understanding in other areas of the curriculum and life. 

Reading Policy 

Reading comprehension progression across school

Reading skills

Reading at home

The best way to support your child's reading at home is to listen to them read and share books together. Having a chat about what's happening, checking unfamiliar words and asking questions about the book will support your child's understanding.  

New words

When reading new texts, we are bound to come across new words and this is a great way to extend children's vocabulary. Below are a few ways to help children understand these new words.

Look for clues - Can you use the pictures and previous reading to help you?

Read around - Can you use the sentences around the word to help work out the meaning?

Get into the scene - Can you put yourself into the book and imagine what is happening, this could help you figure out the word?

Swap the word - Can you think of another word that would fit in? This might be a good way to help you understand.

Strategies to help understand new texts

Children will learn and use these reading strategies at school. They will support children to develop their knowledge and understanding and prepare them when they meet a new and unfamiliar text.








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