St Wilfrid's Catholic Primary School Ripon

Religious Education is a core subject within a Catholic school. Our curriculum is based on the teachings of the Catholic faith, but also includes an awareness of other faiths and traditions. 

RE Policy here

We aim to present a creative and engaging RE Curriculum, that allows children to develop their knowledge and understanding within key themes, and then apply this knowledge to practice. Individual engagement and response, alongside analysis and evaluation for older pupils, is a key element within all Religious Education lessons. 

The Religious Education curriculum is coherently planned and sequenced towards cumulatively sufficient knowledge and skills for future learning. Key concepts have been identified to allow for frequent revision and consolidation, and teachers will use their professional judgement to introduce each concept at an age appropriate level of understanding. It is our aim that by the time children leave our school in Year 6, they will be secure with all key concepts.

RE Curriculum Planning Reception Click here

RE Curriculum Planning  Year 1 to Year 6 Click here

Religious Education Progression Document Click here

Knowledge Organisers 2023-24

Autumn Term 2023

 Creation & Covenant Y1-3

Creation & Covenant Y4-6

Knowledge Organisers 2022-23

Autumn Term 2022

Creation and Stewardship Y1-Y3 

Creation and Stewardship Y4-Y6

Spring Term 2023

The Kingdom of God Y1-Y3

The Kingdom of God Y4-Y6

Summer Term 2023

The Early Christians Y1-Y3

The Early Christians Y4-Y6


Knowledge Organisers 2021-22

Spring Term 2022 

Jesus The Teacher Y1-Y3  

Jesus The Teacher Y4-Y6

Easter and Pentecost Y1-Y3 

Easter and Pentecost Y4-Y6

Summer Term 2022

Easter and Pentecost Y1-Y3 

Easter and Pentecost Y4-Y6

Being a Christian and Baptism Y1-Y3

Being a Christian (faith in Action) Y4-Y6