St Wilfrid's Catholic Primary School Ripon



Summer term 2024


What do we know about the Holy Spirit?

As a class, we have been investigating what the Holy Spirit is and what it means to us at Catholics. We looked at key moments in the Bible and how it supports and guides different people in different moments. What's more we discussed how it could guide us in our daily life.

Have a read of our Kenning poem below which shows our thoughts of what the Holy Spirit means to each of us.

Class 4 Kenning to show our understanding of the Holy Spirit

Radiant reviver

Salvation speaker

Devil destroyer


Sadness crusher

Peace keeper

Promise conserver


Love guider

Fire igniter

Goodness wielder


Tongue controller

Mysterious guider

Peace giver


Goodness guider

Fire builder

Cheer keeper


Peace provider

Light bringer

Community designer


Freedom passer

Energy booster

Invisible guider


Love builder

Heart booster

Hand holder

Street Child

Our last book of this year is the classic 'Street Child,' this Victorian novel is a great way to kick start our Victorian History topic. We will follow Jim and see how his life unfolds and if there is any chance of a happy ending for this little boy.


Please read along at home, each week the children will have set chapters to read. Here is a link to a e-book version of Street Child  /docs/Street-Child-Ebook__1_.pdf

The cloud thief - James Nicol

Yesterday we were privileged to have James Nicol come in and tell us all about his new book, The Cloud Thief. He spent time discussing his writing journey and where he gets his writing inspiration from. It was great to hear all his amazing ideas and the children came away so excited! Thank you to the Little Ripon Book Shop for the opportunity!



Now the summer term is well under way so is our athletics topic. We have worked hard on build an effective sprint start, looked at how to pace ourselves for the longer distances and even had a go at relay races.

D Day tanks

What an amazing trip we had to see the D Day knitted tank. We walked over to the Ripon Inn to see the life size knitted model of a tank which would have been used during the D Day invasions. 

We spoke to a commanding officer who explained how a tank like this worked out on the field. We were interviewed by the local radio to discuss it and our thoughts! We were even treated to celebratory juice and cake. Thank you to all the people who took part and invited us it was wonderful.

This spectacular replica is on display across Ripon and we would all definitely recommend a trip to see it is you can.

PSHCE - Fair trade

The man who walked between the Towers

Please use the link to enjoy and share the story at home!



Spring term 2024


First Aid workshop

What a great session we had with Flat Stan First Aid. We were shown how to support someone who had been hurt and how we could help someone in an emergency situation.


All the children had a great go at using theses new skills and quickly became confident using them.



Trip to the Life Centre


What a great day we had visiting the Life Centre in Newcastle. We explored the museum and took part in various workshops and Science show. Well done to all children, you all had amazing questions, thoughts and ideas. 

Brain Zone  - How much does a brain weigh? How do you think? What can trick your brain? All these questions were answered in the Brain Zone. 

Extreme materials workshop -  In this workshop the children were challenged to discover which materials were most suitable for building in the extreme conditions of Antarctica.   The children tested materials for their strength, insulation and absorption properties.

Science show and Making Zone 

The Planetarium - we learnt about different constellations and even took a rocket journey to the moon.   




 World Book day - What's the word?




Class 4 gave a fantastic performance at the Musicathon at Holy Trinity Church on  Friday 23rd February. Everyone did their best and we were really proud of the professional performance that they gave.




Viking Boy

Please find the chapters for Viking Boy to support you at home.


Chapter 1 

Chapter 2 

Chapter 3 

Chapter 4 

Chapter 5 

Chapter 6  

Chapter 7 

Chapter 8 

Chapter 9 

Chapter 10 

Chapter 11 

Chapter 12 


Forest School



Oh Maya Gods!


 Fantastic fractions

Anti-bullying week

In Class 4 we have been taking part in anti-bullying week. This year, the theme has been 'make some noise' and we have written our own songs to help raise awareness of anti-bullying and how to stamp it out.

Harry Potter day 

What a day we have had! The children did an incredible job dressing up and taking part in our magical day. The children were sorted into houses so they could work and support each other throughout the day. After the sorting hat did it's job, it was time for herbology. The children designed their own plant and what great responses we had: some were evil, some kind and some sounded tasty.


Then we had potions class. The children had everything from, dragon's blood to crushed unicorn horn and super sonic starts to muggle nails. 



What a lovely lunch Mrs Jones made for us, thank you!

Netball training


We had a great netball session yesterday as we had a visitor come in a teach the Year 4s some netball drills and skills. The session ended with a full match which the children loved. There was great teamwork and collaboration throughout the session; well done children.




How different is the UK coastline? 

We have been investigating the process of coastal erosion and how it creates different geographical features along the coast. The children  have been able to identify the features and recreate their own model to show how coastal erosion progresses over time.


Where is Ripon? We have been using our locational knowledge to find Ripon with in the UK. We are able to locate North Yorkshire on a UK map as well as the bordering counties. We have also begun to see how near or far away from the coast we are, ready for our next topic!



Children have been sent home with their Spelling Bee words (an email has gone out explaining this). Remember these words are for this half term and you just have to improve your score by 5 to get your certificate! 

Children also have a bookmark with their year group spellings, these are just ongoing and we will be looking at them in school as well. (Feel free to work on them at home too if you wish!)


Our class text this half term in Harry Potter. Each week a part of the book will be sent home to read. We will put the links out so that children may also listen along with the text .


Chapter 1  

Chapter 2  

Chapter 3 

Chapter 4 

Chapter 5 

Chapter 6 

Chapter 7 

Chapter 8 (slightly different link but the chapter is there after a little summary of chapter 7!)

Chapter 9

Chapter 10 

Chapter 11 

Chapter 12 slightly different link)

Chapter 13 

Chapter 14 


We will be reading the book in school, however we ask the children to keep up with the reading at home. This is really important as it feeds into our writing.

Usually the reading homework will be set on a Thursday ready for the following Tuesday.


We've started our new PE units and all the children have got stuck in and enjoyed the new challenges. 


Summer Term 2023



Class 4 ended the Summer Term with a Tudor workshop and their footprints reward.  We had a great year.



Our DT project has culminated with the children in Class 4 designing, assembling and testing their simple motorised vehicles.  
Congratulations to the children in Class 4 for achieving their footprint reward.    They choose to visit the spa gardens and local park which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Spring Term 2023

Would you know how to make a pulley system to get the lighthouse keeper's sandwiches across the ravine?  This, along with the use of gears, is what the children in class 4 have investigated in their DT lessons.
For World Book Day, the children designed and made a mask to represent their favourite book character.
The children in class 4 have thoroughly enjoyed the Forest School experience - they have been studying Living Things and their Habitats.  Both the children and animals could be found out in all weathers.
Science:  This half term the children have been learning about light.  They have enjoyed making a periscope and Newton's Colour Wheel.
Outdoor Activities: Learning has continued outside the classroom with skipping and a treasure hunt linked to our Wellbeing Day.



Art:  Our Banksy art topic culminated in  a classroom display of Graffiti Tags.